Monday, June 13, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Companions, Second Baptism, Sisters Activity

Alyse has loved her 3rd companion.  They have worked well together and had a lot of success.  They gave out 5 Book of Mormons, got a new investigator, and committed an investigator to baptism all in one day.  She said it was a good day!  She likes being able to cover 7 areas of the mission since they are in a YSA ward.   Her favorite area is up in the mountains.  The pictures below are of Alyse and her companion.  Some up in the mountains which she loves.  One picture is of her second baptism with Veronica who is in a yellow top and other sister missionaries who taught her also.  There are two pictures of a sisters activity where they went bowling and the last picture is of the threesome that she has been in for two weeks.  Her newest companion is from Mongolia.  Since she is the best English speaker of the three she gets to step up and take charge as they are talking with people about the gospel.  She loves her mission!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Second Area, Third Companion

Alyse has been transferred after six months in Victorville.  She was sad to be leaving all the people she has come to love so much.  She said everyone cried when she told them she was leaving.  Many people showed their love by giving her good bye gifts.  She is now in her second area and with her third companion.  She says this girl is her dream companion.  They get a long very well.  She is from Cambodia and the other day her new companion made Cambodian food for her and she loved it!  Alyse and her companion are serving in a Young Single Adult ward which covers seven areas so they are driving all over.  Two days a week they are in a booth on a campus where they have the opportunity to talk to students about the gospel.  Answer questions they have and give them material about the church.  The first picture below is Alyse on Easter Sunday.  Next is Alyse's old district in Victorville having a Polynesian party on a P day.  Next is Alyse with an Elder from her old area.  Then Veronica her first Baptism. Then Alyse with a bunch of missionaries following a mission conference with the Riverside Mission where Elder Perry of the twelve was the speaker.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Baptism

Alyse is doing so well and is so happy!  She has her second baptism scheduled for April 16th and is very excited about that!  She always shares her  testimony with us in her letters and emails and I thought I would share part of one that came in her last letter.  She says "I know that God is our loving Heavenly Father.  He knows us so well.  He wants us to return to him.  He wants us to be HAPPY!  So he gave us families.  I know he places people in our path who will best help us grow.  I know Jesus Christ died for each of us.  How I love Christ!  I can't wait for the day I meet him, I will put my arms around him and thank him.  I know everything we go through will help us grow to love our Savior so that when we meet him we will know that every thing we went through was worth it.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve the Lord."  Below is a picture of the whole mission at Christmas time.  Alyse is in the top picture, front row, towards the center in a red skirt and gray jacket.  After that is a picture with her Zone, then one with some Elders in her District, and one of her District.   Transfers are in a couple of weeks.  She is wondering if she'll be transferred.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Mission Saga Continues

Alyse continues to love her mission and is doing so well.  She and her second companion are working hard and staying busy.  They have a new investigator who has committed to baptism and is doing really well.  It makes Alyse really happy.  She continues to learn and grow from Zone Conferences, District Meetings, and her own personal study.   She has lots of fun each Monday on preparation day as she participates in her District activity.  She loves her District and says they are awesome! She has also had the opportunity of doing a lot of service.  She had a wonderful experience the end of last month when Heavenly Father healed her of the sorrow she has felt from the death of a dear friend last August.  She has gained such a personal testimony of how mindful the Lord is of her and how much he loves her.  She is so grateful to be serving a mission and says there is real emotion behind her smile and a sparkle in her eye.  She is very happy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Loving My Misssion!

Alyse is loving her mission.  She had her first baptism the end of January.  She said it was such a sweet experience and couldn't have been more perfect.  She spoke at it and sang at it with other sisters.   Other missionaries who had worked with this woman were allowed to come to the baptism also.  The same week of the baptism Alyse and her companion picked up two more investigators and she says one of them is just awesome and will probably be their next baptism.  She has been doing lots of service, tracting, and teaching.  Her testimony is growing all the time.  She recently spoke in Sacrament meeting and did the sharing time in primary the same day.  She said it went really well.  Transfers have happened again and her companion and trainer was transferred.  She misses her but loves her new companion and says she is awesome!  Things are going well and she sounds so happy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mission Pictures

As promised here are some of the pictures Alyse has sent us.  The first one is the famous pose of where she is serving.  Then there are some of her with her district at the MTC and her companions and roommates.  Then we move on to California where she is seen doing service, with her companion a General Authority her mission president and his wife and other Sisters.  Her and her companion on a P Day, Her and her companion with some investigators, and what they look like when its cold outside.  Looking good Alyse!